My name is Daniel Suquitana

Several years working as a UI/visual designer have laid the foundations for my creative career, and as a photographer, I can now capture the way I see the life. I see truth in the world around us, on the faces of people you pass on the street, in the environment we humans have created for ourselves. Nothing is more telling than a photograph, and that's why I say:

This is life.

Photography goes beyond design. You can't rework moments in your life to make them perfect, just as you can't relive them. That's why my philosophy is not to seek perfection, but reality, and that's not always beautiful. But it is the world as we know it now, and I think that's more important.


Some facts about me:

Part of being able to take these photographs is that I'm lucky enough to have landed in the metropolis that is NYC. When I'm not designing, editing photos, or reading about design or photography, I'm probably ripping some guitar solos or playing with my cat.


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